Who am I?

I’m Ani, a 28-year old gal from Toronto working as a copywriter at an ad agency (yes, like Peggy from Mad Men, but with the grace and social prowess of Bridget Jones).

What am I doing?

Rediscovering what makes Toronto awesome, basically by seeing the city through the eyes of a tourist.

I’ll be exploring, sight-seeing, speed dating, ghost-touring, snowshoeing, belly dancing, rock climbing, glassblowing, axe-throwing… and then blogging about it all.

Why am I doing it?

Because after a 3-week Europe trip, life at home feels pretty dull. When you’re on vacation you take photos of random shit and think every run down house is beautiful. You devour the city every way you can, and open your heart to strangers.

Then you come home, avoid eye contact and frequent the same spots every week. That’s why I’m doing this. (Also because the alternative is staying in and canoodling my IKEA furniture.)

So whether you’re a local Torontonian, a visitor or just f*cking bored – welcome.

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