The End-of-Summer Scramble

Every year, the end of August brings on a wave of quiet but palpable panic. We all sense it: the end of summer is coming. We’re running out of time to do all the outdoorsy things. You start hanging out outside whether you want to or not. Pass out on the nearest patch of grass, just because you can.

So I went into hyper-planning mode and made a long list of the summer-y things I wanted to do. I basically would’ve had to destroy the boundaries of time and space to do it all, but here’s what I did get to enjoy.

  1. Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market

For one Sunday a month from May to October, the streets of Kensington are blocked off so pedestrians can roam free, listen to kickass live music, and eat all of the things.

2. Park-chilling


Trinity Bellwoods will always have a special place in my heart.

3. Eat ice cream

I mean yeah, technically you can do this all year round, but there’s something about sitting outside with ice cream as it slowly melts in the sunshine.


My pick was the Roasted Marshmallow flavour from Greg’s Ice Cream. Oh my babies, if you haven’t had it already, you must. The taste will actually make you feel like you’re having s’mores by a campfire.

4. Get on a boat!

Most people take the massive ferry to get to the islands, but there are lots of smaller boats on the Harbourfront that’ll take you there for just an extra $5. PLUS, they have beer. And as an added bonus, you won’t go all George Costanza on the hordes of people around you.

5. Eat food from a truck

I personally chose to stalk the Sushitto truck for a sushi burrito.


This is half of one, by the way. Long wait but really good quality, and you only have to dislocate your jaw a little bit to eat it.

6. Summer Music in the Garden

Between June and September, people gather at the Toronto Music Garden on Thursdays and Sundays to hear live classical and traditional music from around the world.


7. Outdoor festivals

On my way back from the Garden I stumbled upon the Waterfront Artisan Market where I continued to indulge my unhealthy earring obsession, and got some pierogies for good measure.


8. Long walks

We started at the Harbourfront, walked along the water to Sugar Beach, then kept going until we arrived at the Distillery District. Come winter, I’ll desperately miss sweaty walks like this one – especially as I stuff myself onto a crowded streetcar filled with winter jackets and people hating their lives.

9. Outdoor movies 

There are a ton of these going on in the city all summer, but the last one I watched was Slumdog Millionaire at the Harbourfront.


10. The Union Station Summer Market

I had been meaning to check this out all summer, but caught it on its very last day.  I got some yummy gelato from the Death in Venice booth, and as luck would have it the talented Dan Mangan was performing. The day ended with him getting up onto a picnic table and conducting an adult singalong. It was awesome.


Despite all my best efforts I still missed out on so much: Shakespeare in the Park, outdoor swimming, the CNE, a sightseeing tour bus, kayaking, farmers markets, hiking trails… the list goes on and on. Sooo summer 2017?? Until then bundle up, muffins!

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