Delusions of Domesticity

I always thought that when I got my own place I’d be one of those people who makes kale smoothies for breakfast, has people over for wine and cheese parties, and buys fresh flowers every week. Turns out, I’m more the kind of person who spills half a bag of red lentils on the floor and leaves it there for 4 days.

But for my 29th birthday, my friend Godfrey got me some gorgeous flowers. And that was the exact moment I realized I don’t own a vase. However, I DO own the world’s largest beer mug.


It was amazing how much the flowers brightened up my apartment. Just looking at them made me happy.



That is until the flowers dried up, the mug got all mouldy and the water went shit-brown. APPARENTLY fresh flowers require ongoing care, like trimming ends and changing out the water. What up with that?

Regardless, my reignited love for flowers brought me to the Toronto Flower Market – a place that I can only describe as adorable.

This adorable sign.


These adorable pepper-like things.


This adorable hangy thing.


These adorable gerbers.


I chatted with an adorable lady from Pick who told me that some of the booths there were for growers who (big surprise) grow fresh flowers on farms, and some booths were for flower-shop owners. We talked about the market, the miserable weather, and the art of keeping flowers alive. Then she discovered two bugs mating on the flower between us, blushed, and shooed them away. It was all kinds of awkward.

On my way home I stumbled upon another market – the Queen West Art Crawl in Trinity Bellwoods. (This is why I love Toronto.) I walked up to the first booth I saw with jewellery and picture frames on display. I looked at one of the photos in the frames, squinted, and proceeded to creep out the poor booth lady who just wanted to sell some jewellery.

Me: “I think I know the person in this frame. Is her name Alicia?”
Poor booth lady: “Yes.” Wonders if she should pack up and run.
Me: “Oh my god, she went to my high school!”
Poor booth lady: “I’m her sister.”
Me: “Oh my god, our sisters were high school friends!”

It was all very exciting and small-world-ish, AND I discovered that Alicia’s sister makes friggin’ cool jewellery! She casts lace into metal, leaving a textured, elegant imprint on the jewellery.


Me likey.

There were some other awesome things at the market too. Like…





And portraits!


How cool is it that on this day, a bunch of Torontonians spent their mornings hunting down freshly cut flowers and handmade, one-of-a-kind art?

Stay awesome, Toronto.

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  1. You made my day with this one, I feel ya! I turn 29 in a few weeks too, and I’m no where near where I thought I’d be (cheese parties, kale smoothies and what not) – I’m so much happier where I’m at instead! hehe

    AND I’m visiting Toronto in a few months so THANK YOU for the great shopping tips!!!

    • Haha great to hear Jess – and glad I’m not the only one 😉 . Have an AMAZING time here, hope it’s not too freezing. Maybe by the time you visit TO I’ll have a few more tips for you! 🙂

      • I’m fully expecting to freeze my butt off, especially with a week in Chicago before and a week in New York after (masochist much?!) – I’ve also bought 3 pairs of thermals in preparation lol

        Will be reading religiously though leading up to the trip, you’ve already given me some great ideas in previous posts! 🙂

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